the spring of turf uncurled

The spring of turf uncurled from between the pavement cracks and created a community of artists and a space to call home. In the few years Turf has been nestled beneath the city it has made a considerable difference to the wellbeing of people in Croydon. Through workshops, collaborations with the local art school, family arts and the thought provoking works on display, Turf has become a home from home, a safe space in which to challenge the nature of a gallery and learn from other creatives.

The supportive welcoming environment is something I and many other people have benefited especially as someone just stepping into the vast pool that is the creative industry. To look back at the brief couple of years I’ve spent with Turf is to look back with a fondness for the welcoming green panels.

To hear Turf has moved to a bigger space fills me with joy and I wish them the best as they further bloom and flourish in the whitgift centre.


Skye Baker is a regular volunteer at Turf and kindly created the illustrations and text above in homage to our first home on Keeley Road! Huge thanks to Skye for and a massive shout out for all her help over the years. Any day Skye is here we know it’s going to be a fun day 🙂

If you’re interested in volunteering, find out more here.