Here are our available artist support resources here at Turf. 

There are resources you can access in our space (like our library or paper archive), or online like our Groundwerk Manuals which are designed to give essential career skills for artists. There are also resources that are Croydon-specific like our Croydon Creative Map.

a black notebook opened page-down on the floor. front cover reads 'death note'


We've built up a small library over the years which anyone is welcome to come in and use.

The library contains;
Books on themes from our previous ehibitions. Common themes are space, place, community & Croydon.

Handling objects from our previous exhibitions.

Access Library which give insights into how to implement creative access provision like alt text & audio guides. Our access equipment is also available for local nonprofit organisations to use to help make their programmes more accessible.

Paper library; we found choosing paper for printing long and expensive, so we made an archive of papers and prints which is open for anyone to view at Turf to get a reference for your project.

Groundwerk logo

Groundwerk Artists' Manuals

Our Groundwerk programme aims to give artists the skills needed for a creative career. These manuals will impart some of the knowledge you may need!

A yellowed map of the London borough of Croydon in 1964

Croydon Creative Resource Map

We’ve made a map of our favourite Croydon creative spaces and supporting industries (e.g manufacturers), to try and help Croydon artists and makers to find and support resources locally.

Croydon plays itself activity guide

Family Activity Guides

We make an activity guide for each of our main projects, so we have an archive of loads of fun family activity guides from over the years uploaded digitally for you to try out at home!

Access Guides

Guides that will show you the basics of writing alt text, using a swell ink printer, subtitling, audio description and using a portable audio induction loop.

"Race is just a social construct... But what does that mean? A short summery on the social construct of race. Put together by Emma Dabiri" in purple text on a mint green background

Black Lives Matter resources

A growing selection of resources we have found helpful in learning about and supporting anti-racism, along with what we're doing at Turf. Collaboratively compiled by the team.

More resources at the blog: