Makers of Stuff Squad

The Makers of Stuff Squad (MOSS) and Turf Projects have been working together since June 2014.

MOSS are a collective of learning disabled adult artists from in and around Croydon. Turf provide regular workshops for the artists on Friday afternoons to support their own artistic practices and work on collaborative projects.

Previous projects have included screen printing their own designs onto bags, indigo dyeing and embroidery inspired by the textile industries of the River Wandle, still life drawing from the Museum of Croydon’s Riesco Gallery, creating their own 3D model crazy golf course, producing a comic book inspired by Croydon Airport, making DIY animations including flipbooks, zoeotropes and gifs, and more.

MOSS have shown their work at Stanley Halls, Matthews Yard, The Croydon Clocktower, The National Trust’s Morden Hall Park, the Wandle Industrial Museum and of course here at Turf.

To see more of MOSS’ work follow them on instagram here

If you or someone you know are interested in taking part in future workshops please contact Jhinuk at or call the gallery on 020 3251 0108.

MOSS were formerly known as the Club Soda Pop Artists.

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