Uma Caruana-Klasson

Turf Team: MOSS Assistant

‘Over 140 ways that Uma is too self-aware for her own good’ is beginning to form as a lifelong project, using therapeutic and documentary-ish photography to communicate the extremes of my day-to-day experience. Discussing my autism, cultural identity, family, trauma, and all other aspects of my life. Using the camera like a diary, reacting, and slowly forming images into a disorienting timeline, I explore my duality by appearing as my masking self to the real world, where my images show my secretive, internalised self, who I do not fully understand yet. The process of photographing an extreme, forgetting about it, the suspense just before the images are developed and revealed, then trying to dissect what I was expressing, is how I communicate with my alternative self. Allowing me to then communicate to others this aspect of my self.

Uma Caruana-Klasson @ Turf: