Project Space: a free creative space for Croydon locals

Project Space is a creative community project space which is FREE to use by Croydon locals for projects, events and exhibitions for up to two weeks.

The aim of the Project Space is to give local people and organisations the chance to test out ideas and give projects shape that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to, when space is increasingly challenging to find at reasonable cost in Croydon, especially with good access and visibility. Priority is given to nonprofit groups, early career and undersupported creatives. 

About the space:

  • Approx 38 sq/m
  • Window visibility with the shopping centre
  • Projector
  • Full cork wall

The conditions of free use of the Project Space:

  • You must be living and/or working in Croydon, or working directly with a locals on your project.
    We can offer a limited number of alternative forms of exchange with groups outside of Croydon wanting to use the space. These often take the form of workshops run with local groups, but we are open to suggestions.
  • For any creative use. We have a very open definition of ‘creative’! Project Space is a good space for public activities due to its window visibility within the shopping centre, but your use does not have to be open to the public. The space has been used for public exhibitions and workshops, but also for rehearsals, photoshoots, and simply as space to work and experiment on something.
  • You can use the Project Space for up to two of the four-day blocks below. These blocks are the same as Turf’s opening hours; Wednesday – Saturday 11am-5pm.  Currently we can only offer the space at no charge if it’s within days we’re already open, as we all work part time at Turf and need to work around second jobs. We may be able to open on days outside of Wed-Sat, but would charge a hire fee to cover staff time.
  • You’d be responsible for all of the install, take down and marketing of what you do and you must leave the space as you found it. The Project Space is an ‘arms length’ space hosted by Turf (rather than part of our main programme). We can offer advice, but cannot directly assist with the install, marketing or running of projects. This is a condition of use of the space and must be understood when booking!
  • We ask that funded projects, or those able to make a contribution, self nominate to pay for space use where they are able. This helps us keep the space available for free and platforms a healthy dialogue around space in Croydon, its cost in time and money, and its extensive further value.

Project Space availability:

Slots are in Wed-Sat blocks, but you can book up to two of them.

  • Jan 4 – Jan 7, 2022: Turf Event tbc. 
  • Jan 11 – Jan 14, 2022: Available
  • Jan 18 – Jan 21, 2022: Available
  • Jan 25 – Jan 28, 2022: Available
  • Feb 1 – Feb 4, 2022: BOOKED
  • Feb 8 – Feb 11, 2022: Available
  • Feb 15 – Feb 18, 2022: BOOKED
  • Feb 22 – Feb 25, 2022: Available
  • March 1 – Feb 4, 2022: Available
  • March 8 – March 11,2022: BOOKED
  • March 15 – March 18, 2022: BOOKED
  • March 22 – March 25, 2022: Available
  • March 28 – April 1, 2022: Available

Past Project Space users:


Project Space was formerly known as LOFT and run under the Croydon Arts Store project.  Upon the winding up of the project by the council in 2020, Turf continued the free project space provision for locals, moving the space to the 1st floor so that it would be mobility accessible.