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Art Press are Turf’s collective of young creatives (age 12-18) who work with Turf in weekly free workshops. Since 2017 young people that make up Art Press have designed their own programme by choosing which artists to meet, what processes to try, and how to showcase their work. 

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Alyona Larionova & Art Press
( Jan 2022 )
Art Press Members Joseph, Enoch, Phoebe L, Gudrun, Pinkxbrains, Ashley, Tenisha, Louise, Olivia, Fatwima, Phoebe R, Katrina, Jojo, Saayiz, Khateeja, Aaliyah, Mia and Zoe.
( Nov 2018 )


Limited Edition Print: ‘Youth in Revolt’, Pinkxbrains


Art Press Alumni

A print of a red robotic hand holding something with the text "Youth in revolt"
Two hands appear to be swimming in water. The subtitle reads, 'So sometimes I wish I could forgot I ever could.'
a framed illustration of a stag beetle with pencils and natural objects surrounding it