Robert Fitzroy Academy, The Crescent Primary & The Link Secondary

23 Jun

 to 3 Jul

It's time to play and bring back our sense of connection, freedom and joy! ‘PLAY!’ is an exhibition of work by students from Turf’s partner schools.

Fungus Press Residency: ‘like all waiting seeds’, Derica Shields

23 Apr

 to 25 Aug

"I’ve found small sheltered thickets where I’ve released a long-held scream, or planted my feet in the grass..."

Present State Examination

Curated by DAM Projects, with new work by Louisa Martin, Bella Milroy, Jessica Scott

20 Aug

 to 30 Nov

A web-based group exhibition featuring newly commissioned artworks, images and text, the contributors share a belief in the benefits of progressive and alternative forms of care, questioning standard notions of illness, consciousness or disability.

Free events

Two people are working in a lush green garden. One in the background is standing looking at a flowerbed. The other in the foreground is crouching working on the border.
Learn what plants need to grow and how to nurture your own in this free outdoor workshop.