Turf is Croydon’s homegrown art space.

We put on exhibitions & workshops, provide artists with opportunities, space & resources & host collectives.

Free events

We need your help to make Croydon Town Centre town better for families and children; come and join in! 
Taking place each month, our free feedback sessions are a chance to get feedback on your work from a practicing artist.
A short film installation of (Pub)lic House, free to watch in pubs and spaces across Croydon
A day event with talks and music exploring the history of pirate radio in South London from the 1980s to the present day.
A final call to give your orders to pub influencers in Croydon.

Black Lives Matter

Art Press: Turf’s resident collective of young Croydon artists.

‘Desire Paths’ Limited Edition Publication


Makers of Stuff Squad: Turf’s resident collective of local learning disabled artists.