Turf is Croydon’s homegrown art space.

We put on exhibitions & workshops, provide artists with opportunities, space & resources & host collectives.

“This vision of an accessible, locally grounded art scene is very different from the elitist flying circus of blockbuster exhibitions, auctions, fairs and biennials in destination cities that has dominated the art world in recent years.” – The New York Times


Resolve Collective, Ama Dodzro, Print Collective, Solo Wood Recycling, Fashion Meets Music, Heather Lawrence, Daisy Young, Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds and Rosie Crane Eckmire

14 Jan

 to 22 Apr 2023

MAKEROOM turns Turf Projects into a collective workshop of endless making possibilities. 

Window Box

Turf Studio Artists

17 Dec

 to 7 Jan 2024

Window Box is a quarterly residency showcasing work by the Turf Studio Artists. Situated in the Ground Floor window to the right side of the main entrance to Turf, the residency provides an exhibition viewable to passersby in the Whitgift Centre, both inside and outside of Turf’s Opening Hours.

Front Garden

Turf Studio Artists and Turf Staff Members

10 Dec

 to 28 Jan 2023

Front Garden presents work by the Turf Studio Artists and Turf Staff Members, bringing artworks out of their Studios and into our Project Space.

Free events

An emotional mapping exercise to understanding local relationships, connections and experiences in Croydon High Street.
Felty fun with textile artist Ama Dodzro - we will be making our own felt artworks using sticking, decorating and sewing!
During this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of photography through tutorials and getting out and about with a camera yourself.

Art Press: Turf’s resident collective of young Croydon artists.

Black Lives Matter

Set of 7 Limited Edition Prints (2019)


Set of 7 Limited Edition Prints (2019)


‘WAVES’, Luke Burton: Artist-Designed Embroidered Patch


‘Untitled’, Monoprint, Bryony Gillard


Stones of Croydon Teatowel