Turf is Croydon’s homegrown art space.

We run exhibitions, put on workshops, provide artists with space & resources and host collectives.


Alyona Larionova & Art Press

22 Jan

 to 19 Feb

Alyona Larionova and Art Press work together to create a new vocabulary and connect their personal, individual stories with larger, global narratives in which we are all – willing or unwilling – characters.

Festivus Shoppe 2021

Turf artists & volunteers

17 Nov

 to 23 Dec

Turf's winter art market featuring work from local artists.

Fungus Press Residency: ‘Us, those next to us, those next to them’, Art Press

Art Press

13 Oct

 to 30 Nov

A new public poster series by Turf's collective of young local artists Art Press. How can we reconnect post-pandemic, with nature and with each other?

Free events

Makers of Stuff Squad: Turf’s resident collective of local learning disabled artists.