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Turf is Croydon’s homegrown art space.

We put on exhibitions & workshops, provide artists with opportunities, space & resources & host collectives.

Free events

Come and build a den in our gallery inspired by artist Milktooth's den building!
Join us for a coffee morning paired with a bunting making workshop with Bori Hardi, to spend some time together whilst discussing our memories and hopes for Croydon!
Learn to crochet your own sculpture with CrochetCookey!

Black Lives Matter

Art Press: Turf’s resident collective of young Croydon artists.

Set of 7 Limited Edition Prints (2019)


Set of 7 Limited Edition Prints (2019)


‘WAVES’, Luke Burton: Artist-Designed Embroidered Patch


‘Untitled’, Monoprint, Bryony Gillard


Stones of Croydon Teatowel