Freedom & Balance, 6 Croydon-connected artists + Turf

4 Sep

 to 16 Oct

In gardening, propagating plants is an act of resourcefulness - taking cuttings from one plant and using small pieces to grow new shoots that can be shared and replanted; the beginning of something new.

Fungus Press Residency: ‘Trapped Heat, Blocked Magic’, Natasha Moody

Natasha Moody

25 Aug

 to 13 Oct

Amongst the towering buildings, hot tarmac and clamorous traffic, two Croydon parks, Wandle and Park Hill, provide a temporary respite from the demands of sprawling city.

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two people looking at each other in plastic outfitson a beach
What are our relationships to our bodies and to the things that we hold, touch, and wear?
Ebun Sodipo
I was given the opportunity to host by Turf to host a virtual feedback session. It wasn’t my first lockdown virtual crit, they have been invaluable to maintaining my practice through the pandemic.