Black Lives Matter: Resources

A growing selection of resources we have found helpful in learning about and supporting anti-racism, along with actions we’re taking at Turf. Collaboratively compiled by the team.

Initiated by Indiana Larence

Letter templates, organisations, donation pages & petitions.

Put together by Perkin Amalaraj

With a focus on the black trans community & black women.

Put together by Alexis Williams

A US practitioner’s blog post looking at addressing racism at all levels.

Put together by Grace Attlee

Think and learn about anti-racism with this growing selection of writing by black writers and people of colour.

Put together by Jamila Prowse

A short summary on the social construct of race.

Put together by Emma Dabiri

A quick guide

Put together by Good Good Good

A US practitioner’s blog post looking at addressing racism at all levels

Put together by Uni of Southern California

Put together by Rania El Mugammar

Helping police brutality victims

What you can do to ensure a more equitable work environment for all employees

by Fingerprint for Success

What about Turf?

• Reflect demographics of Croydon in team, trustees and commissions. 

• Open up anon feedback more – reminders on site and socials and put in signatures. Change how we manage & process feedback – read over feedback together and make actions. 

• Do the same with assessing how we’re doing reaching audiences who reflect the demographics of Croydon & make actions.

• Use opportunities in programme to make space for conversations about race & inequality, respond more openly to local social context & social injustice in Croydon.

• As above make funding available to invite external criticism / writing / questioning – questions in the context of Croydon & art – make our internal conversations more public.

• Fundraising via a new edition channelled towards an organisation (or selection of orgs) who specifically support black communities and seek to address race inequality. (You can buy this edition now here!) 

•  Improve our library with more black authors and important reading & resources, available for anyone to use for free