Want to work with us?


• Proposals for exhibitions are currently closed.
We’re not currently accepting proposals for exhibitions as we’re fully booked this year for the rest of the lease on our space.

• Proposals for events / workshops are currently open.
We can host events and workshops at Turf via our affordable hire. Check out our spaces and rates here and email us at info@turf-projects.com. Concessions are also available for nonprofit events/workshops/projects.


How else to get involved?

• Come to one of our free feedback sessions to introduce yourself and your work.
It’s a good opportunity to get to know us and what we do!

• Live in Croydon? You can put on a project, exhibition or workshop for free with us.
We have a project space that’s free to use for Croydon locals, just above Turf (it used to be co-run as part of Croydon Arts Store, but we wanted to continue it after the Research project was wound up). Email aoife@turf-projects.com with a proposal.

Volunteer with us!
We’re always looking for regular volunteers to help us with anything from exhibition install to flyering. We try to tailor your experience volunteering with us so you’ll get the most beneficial experience. Email info@turf-projects.com for more info.