Fungus Press Residency: ‘Us, those next to us, those next to them’, Art Press

Art Press
October 13, 2021
 to November 30, 2021
At public sites around Croydon; Wandle Park’s community garden & pond; Park Hill Park’s walled garden; and Reeves Corner. Download a map below.

Free & open to all

Are public places our community spaces?

After exploring the future of Croydon’s high street in their film ‘About Us, Without Us‘, Art Press turns their attention to the town’s green spaces.

Turf’s collective of young artists Art Press have been meeting both virtually and in person to maintain connection in and around lockdowns. For their residency across the Fungus Press boards, they have foraged plants to make inks, made poetry from aerial maps, and used manmade and natural textures to make work exploring what exactly ‘local’ means. How has local changed after Covid? How can we reconnect post-pandemic, with nature and with each other?

This summer, Art Press have worked with artists Liz Atkin, Messua Poulin Wolff, Lucie MacGregor of Garden Wall, Yas Lime, and Sebastian H-W.

Click here to download a printable map.


About Fungus Press

As concerns grow regarding the privatisation of public spaces across London, and elsewhere, Fungus Press invites artists, designers & writers to respond to Croydon’s public spaces through a series of newly commissioned billboard artworks.

Sites include; Wandle Park’s community garden and pond; Park Hill Park’s walled garden; and Reeves Corner. The programme of artworks is usually complimented by other works, such as events, texts, walking tours and audio guides.

The text-based posters aim to discuss and celebrate the importance and potential of Croydon’s public spaces, offering alternative ways to navigate the area; both geographically and temporally. They speak of Croydon’s untold past and its yet to be written future; reasserting the essential role that green spaces play throughout civic life: from articulating our sense of place, to encouraging democratic engagement.

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