John Messenbird

I’m an illustrator and photographer called John.
My work has been seen in magazines, in murals, exhibitions and art shops for sale. My work has even been mentioned on Soho Radio!

I’m inspired by retro fashions and designs from the 1960’s and 70’s like Barbarella, Lost in Space and Land of the Giants. I’m also a big fan of Leona Lewis so I often draw portraits of her.



I enjoy making work with computers and iPad, but also with watercolours and coloured pencils. I also enjoy photography.

My clients so far have included Museum of Croydon, Turf Projects, Wandle Industrial Museum, Croydon Council, Club Soda & more!

I’m currently open for commissions – Get in touch by email at if you’d like to commission me.

John Messenbird @ Turf: