Love Turf? Want to get more involved in Croydon’s art scene?

Become a Turf Volunteer! We’re always looking for more volunteers to join our crew and gain some experience in a variety of public facing and behind the scenes volunteer roles.

Volunteering at the gallery lets you contribute to Turf in many different ways, see behind the scenes and gain an understanding of how our exhibitions and events are programmed and produced.

We want volunteering to benefit you as much as Turf, so we group tasks into ‘micro-roles’ so volunteers have a good structure of what to expect from each role. We’ve made sure to include what will be required of you, the time commitment and whether or not the role is public facing. We’ll always tailor the role to suit volunteers time and ability, so any changes to micro-roles as we transition out of lockdown will be agreed upon with volunteers first.

If you’re interested, use this sign-up form to tell us which roles suit you and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Some experiences from previous volunteers:

“Volunteering at Turf has been a great experience so far. I’ve helped build studios, input ideas for Turf’s family fun days and contributed all round. Turf has a welcoming team and have given me vital experience within the gallery and in community based work.” ~ Jess Hope

“Turf has been a fantastic place for me to to learn the inner workings of a gallery space by getting hands-on and helping there. It’s nice to feel like you’re directly contributing to an exciting new project and learn some skills while doing so!” ~James Elsey