Love Turf? Want to get more involved in Croydon’s art scene?

Become a Turf Volunteer today! We’re always looking for more volunteers to join our crew and gain some experience in a variety of public facing and behind the scenes volunteer roles 👍

Volunteering at the gallery lets you contribute to Turf Projects in many different ways, see behind the scenes and gain an understanding of how our exhibitions and events are programmed and produced.

We believe that volunteering at Turf should benefit you as much as Turf, so we group tasks into ‘micro-roles’ so volunteers have a good structure of what to expect from each role. We’ve made sure to include what will be required of you, the time commitment and whether or not the role is public facing. We’ll always tailor the role to suit volunteers time and ability, so any changes to micro-roles as we transition out of lockdown will be agreed upon with volunteers first.

If you’re interested, use this sign-up form to tell us which roles suit you and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


“Volunteering at Turf has been a great experience so far. I’ve helped build studios, input ideas for Turf’s family fun days and contributed all round. Turf has a welcoming team and have given me vital experience within the gallery and in community based work.” ~ Jess Hope

“Turf has been a fantastic place for me to to learn the inner workings of a gallery space by getting hands-on and helping there. It’s nice to feel like you’re directly contributing to an exciting new project and learn some skills while doing so!” ~James Elsey


– Assist with workshop set up, delivery and clear up for family workshops & Art Press in person sessions. For online learning you will sit in for sessions and help prepare materials for some workshops.
– Send out monthly ‘What’s On’ email for families.
– Send out ‘Opportunities’ email for Art Press members (specific to the group.)

Requirements: A willingness to support Turf team members delivering workshops and following up on tasks to support documentation. A good listener to capture the needs of the groups you work with and for capturing any important feedback to respond to. Computer literacy. Happy to do DBS check for Art Press workshops.

Days: 1-2 days per month approx.

Public-facing? Yes

Ideal if: You’d like to learn how to deliver workshops to a range of age groups, but particularly with young adults + how to promote workshops effectively.

-Gather content for our blog and social media pages.
-Create Croydon-specific resources (+keep map updated)
-Upload listings.
-Do invite packing & emailing.
-Update the contact & mailing list.
-Input physical feedback forms.
-Distribute flyers, posters, maps, etc.

Requirements: A Croydon local, computer literacy and physical mobility.

Days: 1 day per fortnight.

Public-facing? Yes

Ideal if: You want to get used to all the features of social media platforms to promote your own work effectively. You know / would like to get to know Croydon. You like walking/travelling to different places. You like speaking to new people and getting to know their interests. You want to gain experience of marketing skills both in digital formats and by talking to the public in one on one conversations about art projects.

– Upload products.
– Do stock take.
– Review postage.
– Help B & Skye with shop planning!

Requirements: Computer literacy and physical mobility to be able to work at Turf, carry and pack print editions, take them to the post office.

Days: 1-2 days per fortnight (depending on the time of year. E.g Christmas shop and Turf Birthday promotions may require more time.)

Public-facing? No

Ideal if: You want to learn how to set up your own shop and get a feel for how the process works.

-Design maps.
-Photograph work.
-Work with artists to create events.
-Do maintenance work.
-Update maps, create sound instructions and photograph installation to upload on Turf’s webpage.
-Liaise with site owners, facilitators, the Turf team and on occasion, public audiences.

Requirements: Good mobility to walk between Fungus Press sites around Croydon. Able to be available / prepared to visit outdoor sites regularly to check any maintenance required.

Days: 1 day fortnightly.

Public-facing? May involve speaking to artists, park managers or people responsible for off-site spaces if support is required with installation/maintenance.

Ideal if: You want experience of learning how public art projects work, from installation, to documentation and maintenance. Also ideal if you have an interest in working with artists and developing your knowledge more generally about public art.

-Call and text MOSS members with weekly reminders about workshop times.
-Assist in workshop sessions.
-Tidy the MOSS studio (monthly) & label drawers.
-Document MOSS artworks and add to online portfolios.
-Report any feedback from MOSS artists.
-Make hot drinks.
-Set up/pack away workshop materials.
-Store artworks safely/tidily in MOSS’ studio.
-Purchase fruit and soft/hot drinks for MOSS using petty cash for workshop sessions.

Requirements: Good energy for practical workshops, ability to listen and respond to MOSS artists’ needs during workshops. Willingness to be patient and understanding to changes needed for workshop plans, to be flexible. Willingness to undertake training on safeguarding and supporting adults with autism, but not essential.

Days: One afternoon per week during MOSS term-time (ten weeks per term with 1-2 months break in between) plus ad-hoc events such as supporting MOSS with travel and navigation during off-site field/research trips.

Public-facing? Yes

Ideal if: You want to learn how to support and facilitate creative workshops, and you’d like experience of working with artists. Ideal if you’d like experience supporting disabled people with practical tasks.

Help us research! This will be on a project-by-project basis and could take many formats.
Examples could include:
-Researching demand for new facilities or workshops.
-Researching pricing for something.
-Finding info about local businesses, potential sponsorships or partnership, costings, new equipment etc.
-It might even be finding out peoples’ opinions on something (or Turf itself)!

Requirements: Curiosity & the ability to use a variety of research skills to find information requested by the Turf Team. Research carried out will aim to help improve and review Turf’s programming + set up its space particularly in response to local people/communities’ and artists’ needs and requests.

Days: 1 every two weeks.

Public-facing? Dependent on the type of research. Maybe.

Ideal if: You enjoy finding connections & contacts that could be useful in an arts context for organisations like Turf or want to find out more about the operations & development side of art organisations like Turf. Enjoy calling / interviewing people (though not an essential skill / need). If you’re interested in a particular area of research in your own practice that could overlap with Turf we’d love to hear about it, too.


Please note that each role has been written with digital and in-person tasks listed. You won’t be expected to come into the Turf space during the lockdown, and your role will develop as it becomes safer for us to meet in person. Your help will still be much appreciated during the lockdown, workshops will still be held online, and many of the admin tasks that surround each role are done digitally anyhow.