B Atherton

Turf Team: Co-founder, Codirector and Marketing & Development Lead

I grew up & live in Croydon and was one of Turf’s cofounding team assembled by Alice Cretney in 2013.

I lead on marketing and, more recently, development. I’ve historically created a lot of Turf’s design work & visual identity (except our iconic logo which is by Bethany Baker), manage & produce items for the shop, and designed & made this website.


My ‘practice’:

accident & serendipity
sublime vs banal
hyperlocalism & degrowth
privatisation, homogenisation
sincerity (or lack thereof)
medical experience (as I have Niemann Pick B so have spent a lot of my life in hospitals whilst trying to resist disability-as-identity)
positivity culture (stance: anti)
data as armour (tools turned against their masters)
problem solving, solution finding, optimizing
unpicking a world structurally and emotionally prone to either oversimplification or overcomplication