B Atherton

Turf Team: Co-founder, Co-Director (Operations & Development)

Hi, I’m B, one of Turf’s Codirectors.

I grew up in and live in Croydon. As one of Turf’s co-founding team assembled by Alice Cretney in 2013.

I’ve done a bit of everything at Turf! I started out doing Turf’s marketing, including creating a lot of Turf’s visual identity & printed (except for our iconic logo which is by Bethany Baker). I moved into overseeing Turf’s operations and strategy and became Codirector in 2021.

I also designed & made this website – so please tell me if anything’s broken!

Things I’m interested in:

  • Using humour to process & poke at difficult things
  • Hyperlocalism & degrowth
  • Privatisation, homogenisation
  • Sincerity (or lack thereof) & the effects of positivity culture
  • Medical experience – I have Niemann Pick B, so have spent a lot of my life in hospitals whilst trying to resist disability defining my identity.
  • Accidents & serendipity, the sublime vs the banal
  • Problem solving, using data as armour and a tool which can be turned against its usual masters.
  • Unpicking a world prone to both oversimplification and overcomplication.

B Atherton @ Turf:


Artist-Designed Patch: Alice Channer


Limited Edition Print: ‘Heavy Metals’, Alice Channer


Artist-Designed Patch: ‘Low Batt.’, Leah Carless, Mette Boel and Janina Lange

Original price was: £4.00.Current price is: £2.00.

Artist-Designed Patch: ‘Silence is so accurate’, Agnes Calf

Original price was: £4.00.Current price is: £2.00.