Aisha Diallo

a wasulu london poster reading " stylish & versatile"

I’m an artist and a professional in accounting and administration (HND in accounting and business management and part qualified ACCA). I do my freelance accounting and administration works through my own limited company, Lady D Accounts. My clients have included Ottoman Hands ltd, Welltek ltd, Turf Projects and more. I’m also the creative director of […]

Charlotte Young

I am an artist and writer interested in power structures, institutions, and the social construction of myths. My artwork incorporates text, video, installation, and performance. I am currently developing a series of text pieces interrogating cultic language, online proponents of well-being and self-improvement techniques, and notions of ‘recruitment’.

Demelza Watts

a photograph of a collage of objects hung in a white room

Enjoy Art I am a transdisciplinary artist, curator and production manager traveling the waterways of southeast England (UK). My interest lays in the common ground for the artist and the spectator. Collaging research, found objects, crafts and experiences to examine the intersections of art, home and the everyday. In my practice conversation, research, collaboration and […]

Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds

sketches by rebecca

“These shallow and chameleon waters made this situation possible —— alongside other elements
the earth was different here too —— it supported the water —— rather than taking it within”

scheduled (ancient) monument, a text. 2021

B Atherton

a neon light

I grew up & live in Croydon and was one of Turf’s cofounding team assembled by Alice Cretney in 2013. Initially I led on marketing at Turf, moving into development and then CoDirectorship. I’ve created a lot of Turf’s design work & visual identity (except our iconic logo which is by Bethany Baker), manage & […]

Skye Baker

Skye Baker

Hi I’m Skye!  I’m an illustrator and workshop facilitator. My freelance practice mainly consists of editorial illustrations, comics, album covers and murals! I’m inspired by people, play, psychology, social justice and observational storytelling.  I enjoy making abstract metaphors with a combination of handrawn/digital methods (and the occasional pun). My clients so far have included Network Rail, […]

Joseph Brown

a framed illustration of a stag beetle with pencils and natural objects surrounding it

Joseph Brown is Turf’s Marketing Assistant, and a long-term Turf volunteer. With a practice concerned with the inhabitants and habitats of the natural world, Joseph is currently a UAL student and Croydon School of Art graduate.   A print by Joseph, Mandible Gathering, is for sale here in the Turf shop in a […]

Rosie Crane Eckmire

Rosie Crane Eckmire is a Croydon-born curator and artist-ish. she is interested in the therapeutic properties of creativity and enabling art to be accessible for all. in addition to her self-initiated projects, she has curated exhibitions and events at Turf Projects, serf, and the ICA. rosie facilitates Art Press at Turf Projects, a youth group […]

Jhinuk Sarkar

a funnel with a range of issues going in the top

At Turf: Hello, My main role at Turf is Access Lead, providing advice and support for the Turf team to make all our programmes and facilities as accessible and inclusive as we can. You can visit our access page to find out what we offer. If you ever have any suggestions please contact me on […]