Mira Hirtz

Multi-Media Artist, Movement Practitioner, Curator, Art Mediator & ✨ Turf’s Access Lead ✨   Basing her work on performative tools and somatic techniques, Mira Hirtz explores multi-sensory experiences and and articulations of our being-in-the-world. Looking at the intersections of art, health, ecology and science, her practice embraces the messiness of navigating life and dives into […]

Daisy Young

a brown sculpture that splits into three parts as it goes up

Materials and process sit at the core of my creative practice. Using clay, fabric, weave and stitch in combination I create large abstract unfired sculptures. I focus heavily on material processes and often use the language of craft within a fine art context. The vast landscapes within Devon and Cornwall greatly inform the aesthetic language […]

Uma Caruana-Klasson

‘Over 140 ways that Uma is too self-aware for her own good’ is beginning to form as a lifelong project, using therapeutic and documentary-ish photography to communicate the extremes of my day-to-day experience. Discussing my autism, cultural identity, family, trauma, and all other aspects of my life. Using the camera like a diary, reacting, and […]

B Atherton

a neon light

Hi, I’m B, one of Turf’s Codirectors. I grew up in and live in Croydon. As one of Turf’s co-founding team assembled by Alice Cretney in 2013. I’ve done a bit of everything at Turf! I started out doing Turf’s marketing, including creating a lot of Turf’s visual identity & printed (except for our iconic […]

Joseph Brown

a framed illustration of a stag beetle with pencils and natural objects surrounding it

Joseph Brown is Turf’s Marketing Assistant, and a long-term Turf volunteer. With a practice concerned with the inhabitants and habitats of the natural world, Joseph is a Croydon School of Art and UAL graduate.   instagram.com/jobrown_art   A print by Joseph, Mandible Gathering, is for sale here in the Turf shop in a limited edition […]

Rosie Crane Eckmire

Rosie Crane Eckmire is a Croydon-born curator and artist-ish. she is interested in the therapeutic properties of creativity and enabling art to be accessible for all. in addition to her self-initiated projects, she has curated events and facilitated workshops at Dulwich Picture Gallery, Bethlem Gallery, and the ICA. rosie is one of the CoDirectors at […]