Amy J Wilson grew up in Kilburn, NW London, and has lived in SE London since 2016. After graduating from an MFA in Fine Art Media at the Slade in 2019, where she was the recipient of the Felix Slade Scholarship, she has continued to practice as a visual artist alongside working as a freelance arts educator, technician and researcher; she currently works as an Engagement and Support Officer helping arts organisations.

Working with ceramics, printmaking, photography, drawing, sculpture and moving image, Amy’s practice engages with the role of the digital in our shifting relationship to materiality, representation, reproduction and the boundaries between domestic and public space.

Amy often utilises mass-produced objects that depict animals or the natural, objects that offer a contrary, often inconsistent meeting of nature and artifice. Through a process of making and unmaking her work teases out parallels and interplay between areas that may at face value seem disparate, such as: toys, taxidermy, zoos, pets, museological taxonomies, figurines, souvenirs and scientific specimens.