Amy J Wilson is a visual artist working across printmaking, ceramics, and digital media – she uses these mediums to create components that are combined into sculptural configurations. Amy is currently exploring the use of video game engines (Unity and Unreal Engine) to introduce live/interactive elements to the work.

Amy’s current research focuses on ideas around non-human agency, be that object, animal, or environmental. She is interested in using technologies to understand our relationship to these ‘other minds’. Why ask ChatGPT a question when you could be asking CatGPT?

Amy’s work often has absurd or silly undertones. In her most recent project ‘Pocket Boar’ an animal statue is turned into an animated interactive pet. The work was co-created as part of a residency at Derby Arboretum.

Amy is an MFA graduate from The Slade School of Fine Art, where she was the recipient of the Felix Slade Scholarship. Recent exhibitions include Snappy Title, curated by John Gillet at Winchester Gallery, Winchester, and an AA2A residency showcase at the Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge. In 2023 Amy was awarded a DYCP grant by Arts Council England. She is currently part of Condition’s Digital Lab Programme.

Amy J Wilson @ Turf: