Natasha Ruwona

Natasha Thembiso Ruwona is a Scottish-Zimbabwean writer, artist-filmmaker and researcher. Using spatial practice and Afrofuturism as guides, her work contemplates place, time and memory as they relate to environmental relationships. Recent projects include a film commission for Resisting Toxic Climates: Gender, Colonialism, and Environment – a conference with the British Academy and University of Edinburgh, […]

Kars Dodds

Kars (he/they) is a movement-based, material-inspired multidisciplinary artist/performer who enjoys running furiously, far away from technique into the queer ether of self-taught delusion. Their most current project ‘WHY NOT CHOP THEM OFF’ documents and explores their relationship to his non-binary/trans-masculine tits on their fluid approach to gender transition, and aims to protest the sensationalised medicalisation […]

Marco Riosa

London based Illustrator & Animator with recent credits in work such as the Frameless immersive gallery in Marble Arch and for several TV & Theatre productions.

Flora Hunt

Flora makes sculpture, writing, sound, video, and participatory events to explore the relationship between interior experience and the outside world, often through fantasy narratives, with an interest in how altered psychological states and storytelling can affect our understanding of shared spaces and their ownership. They draw from speculative fiction, folk art, philosophy, and theory about […]

Daisy C

“I’m a visual artist who is interested in the semiotics of visual manipulation, translation and distortion. I’m currently experimenting with the written format and sound which explores my identity and background in relation to spaces and architecture.”

David Gilbert

David Gilbert is a director and theatre maker from Zimbabwe who’s worked with the top leading theatre’s in the UK since 2012. David has worked on projects and shows with Kiln Theatre, National Theatre, Young Vic, Unicorn, Almeida, Halfmoon, Oval House, Cambridge Junction and Trafalgar Studios. He is a recipient of the 3 Month Regional […]

Asha Fontenelle

a painting of two women on a blue background

Asha is a painter, writer, educator and cultural practitioner based in South London creating work through practical and embodied knowledge. Using theory from queer black feminists including bell hooks and Audre Lorde, their practice allows space for challenging emotions, healing and empowerment.

Dave Miller

a digital illustration of two people walking out of a gucci store

Dave tells stories, exploring current events and news, often political. He works in a range of media, drawings, paintings and comics, digital media and code. He has used the Internet as a medium for experimental texts and drawings since 2004, creating computer-generated narratives, augmented reality, generative art and interactive stories. Currently at Turf, Dave’s is […]

Hannah Lee Miller

an illustration of a person diving into water. "like a coild spring" is written underneath the illustration

Hannah Lee Miller is a prolific sketcher and creative, cartoonist, comic & zine maker, ceramic sculptor, occasional poet and animation producer.   She is a born and bred south Londoner and has lived and been actively involved in the voluntary community in South London for many years. She is currently one of a team of artists […]