Salina Jane

a photograph of salina sat on the floor of an exhibition space

Salina Jane, Artist, Illustrator, Printmaker, Educator. Working, teaching, and living in Croydon.

Sonia Thomas

a photograph of sonia thomas leaning on a white plinth alongside some sculptures

Sonia is a figurative painter and printmaker, working in intaglio, oils, pastels and sculpture. Her work explores the boundaries between the inner and outer worlds, emotional and psychological shifts, isolation and the emblematic expressed through the human figure. Sonia looks to describe emerging and ambiguous states and relationships , and, consequently, her work is partly […]

Alix Emery

a photograph of a alix with spirit levels attached to her nails

Alix grew up in Dorset and now lives in London. Her work looks at rebellious consumptive acts and care practices using sculpture, animations, writing, and quiet performances to explore bodily change, fact and fiction, bad jokes and processes that eat, churn and swallow whole. Dirt loops in pipes and is sucked endlessly through vacuum tubes, […]

Katherine Smith

an image of kathering pushing a large egg shaped object across a green field

I am a performance artist and sculptor and I also work with children in hospitals / galleries / community centres which I see as practice-based research for my studio work, and the other way round too. The work is an investigation into embodiment, into how to connect to the body, using materials as an interface. […]

Ebun Sodipo

Ebun Sodipo makes work for those who will come after: the black trans people of the future. Her interdisciplinary practice narrates her construction of a black trans-feminine self after slavery and colonialism. Through a process of fragmentation, collage, and fabulation, she devises softer, other-wise ways of imagining and speaking about the body, desire, archives, and the past. Her work has […]

Daisy Young

a brown sculpture that splits into three parts as it goes up

Materials and process sit at the core of my creative practice. Using clay, fabric, weave and stitch in combination I create large abstract unfired sculptures. I focus heavily on material processes and often use the language of craft within a fine art context. The vast landscapes within Devon and Cornwall greatly inform the aesthetic language […]

Amy J Wilson

white ceramics with a red inside. shaped with resemblance to a crocodile

Amy J Wilson grew up in Kilburn, NW London, and has lived in SE London since 2016. After graduating from an MFA in Fine Art Media at the Slade in 2019, where she was the recipient of the Felix Slade Scholarship, she has continued to practice as a visual artist alongside working as a freelance […]

Matt Bannister

A close-up of a painting in birds-eye-view of roads and people

Matt Bannister is an artist and illustrator based in London, UK. Obsessed with the quirks and shapes of architecture, people, and everyday objects, he creates bold work full of detail and character with a bright and graphic style. After studying fine art at Lancaster University, he worked for the BBC for 14 years as an editor, […]

Miguel Sopena

a white, black and light blue abstract painting

Miguel is originally from Valencia, in Eastern Spain, but has been based in the UK since 1998 and now lives in Croydon, S London. Miguel became an artist after finishing his PhD in Theoretical Physics at Sussex University in 2013. He then completed a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Brighton City College and […]