Eleanor Green

Still from 'Pandora's Jar' 2

Through filmmaking, performance and costume design Eleanor creates surreal political comedy about power, authority and societal conventions. While not exclusively about gender, the works often wrestle with the contradictions and impossibilities of being a woman today. To make space for nuances and contradictions there’s a duality in her films – they can feel both private […]

Hazel Falck

a still from a film by hazel falck

Hazel Falck is an emerging documentary filmmaker based in London, UK. Her independent work to date has focused on experiences of collectivism and new forms of resistance. Before making her own films Hazel worked as a Producer for 10 years in the UK, US and east Africa. She teaches documentary filmmaking at Queen Mary University […]

Anita Wadsworth

I am an independent artist, facilitator and teacher. My practice is a jigsaw of creating, performing and learning with a range of people of all ages. I regularly work with SLiDE Dance, write and perform NoggleNoggleLand and I also teach in higher education.  

Ama Dodzro

a line up of garment mock ups

I am a bespoke fashion and textile designer who designs and make for my clients.

Begoña Fernández Martín

begona working on facial sfx

Begoña is a freelance Special Make-up Effects artist, and creature design artist working in the film and TV industry.

Salina Jane

a photograph of salina sat on the floor of an exhibition space

Salina Jane, Artist, Illustrator, Printmaker, Educator. Working, teaching, and living in Croydon.

Sonia Thomas

a photograph of sonia thomas leaning on a white plinth alongside some sculptures

Sonia is a figurative painter and printmaker, working in intaglio, oils, pastels and sculpture. Her work explores the boundaries between the inner and outer worlds, emotional and psychological shifts, isolation and the emblematic expressed through the human figure. Sonia looks to describe emerging and ambiguous states and relationships , and, consequently, her work is partly […]

Daisy Young

a brown sculpture that splits into three parts as it goes up

Materials and process sit at the core of my creative practice. Using clay, fabric, weave and stitch in combination I create large abstract unfired sculptures. I focus heavily on material processes and often use the language of craft within a fine art context. The vast landscapes within Devon and Cornwall greatly inform the aesthetic language […]

Amy J Wilson

Amy J Wilson is a visual artist working across printmaking, ceramics, and digital media – she uses these mediums to create components that are combined into sculptural configurations. Amy is currently exploring the use of video game engines (Unity and Unreal Engine) to introduce live/interactive elements to the work. Amy’s current research focuses on ideas […]