Serf n Turf: Part One

Magnus Ayers, Matt Bannister, Sophie Blagden, Rosie Mills Eckmire, MOSS, Pigbaby, Jhinuk Sarkar, Miguel Sopena, Anita Wadsworth
January 11, 2019
 to January 27, 2019
serf, 23—25 Wharf Street, Leeds, LS2 7EQ

Free & open to all

// Serf (n): an agricultural labourer bound by the feudal system who was tied to working on his lord’s estate.

Turf (n): grass and the surface layer of earth held together by its roots. //

Turf studio members, based in Croydon, and Serf studio members, based in Leeds, present a curatorial collaboration and space-swap, exchanging networks and exhibition space and exploring how to sustain and nourish creative practices through an alternative economy.

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