This is your turf even (Artist Feedback Session)

This is your turf even

When the revolving door swings

And what are you doing here what’s this meeting about how can I make some money here?

Can I eat these snacks yeah

I’ve got some art for you to look at but

How do I make some money?

Should I sell drugs yeah?

Technically if you want to make money

Don’t become an artist

You’re adjacent figurative abstract

Who gets to call their practice Art and sell it

Who gets to make art in their home

studio studio home

studious If they have a home

Little white pellet

Something brown with

orange on the inside

What does this colour feel like on my tongue on my brush?

This blue hue refracting a hostile water colour

Keeping it together

Moving in a different moment after all

fall fall fall

Brown paper scrawl.

The invitations note

That one had a wide smile and the other bravado

An ecstatic celebration

Maybe people who sell drugs master the art

of surviving capitalism and

that’s worth a few crits too.

After all

Do something real

Says the poster to the child.

Never mind the annals:

(surveillance control capture)

Testifying they won’t keep us safe

Despite macpherson and jones and smiley

Despite cherry and dawn and midnight

the matrix and a weeping community of grieving strangers

who rejoice whenever and where

Ever you return to rest

Everything comes with a kind of texture

It’s funny: car parks can be a kind of peaceful