a photograph of many pop-poms in an assortment of colours

Groundwerk: “Pom-Pom Power” – Integrating Remote Accessibility

We invite you to join artist Corinne to create and build structures with your own pom-poms!

As our current exhibition ‘Squidgy World’ comes to a close, we invite you to join artist Corinne to create and build structures with your own pom-poms, inspired by the work in ‘Squidgy World’ and by Corinne’s work ‘Period Survival Quilt’ currently showing at Bethlem Gallery’s show ‘Elsewhere’.

Part of our current exhibition was developed remotely, fostering opportunities to create and nurture a safe space across space and time. Corinne will share their experience of remote residencies and discuss how we can integrate accessibility into our creative projects by incorporating remote and hybrid options for participation.


This is a remote workshop; when booking, please let us know how you would like to access the materials. Materials packs are available for pick-up at Turf until noon on Thu 10th Aug, or can be posted if preferred.



I’m a disabled self-portrait artist and proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community. My photographic depictions are created within the same 2 by 1.5-meter space, my bed. This year marks my fifth year of spending almost every day confined here. My work is a form of therapy to ease my ongoing struggles with severe mental illness. From bed, I’ve undertaken remote residences with The New Art Gallery Walsall, QUAD Derby, Talking Birds Coventry, and Level Centre Derbyshire. I’m a member of The New Art Gallery Walsall’s ‘Collections Community Panel’ who co-produced the exhibition Here & Queer’. Currently I’m producing new work in response to the gallery’s Garman Ryan’ collection exploring “Period poverty”.

In addition to exhibiting alongside Turf studio artists in ‘Elsewhere’ at Bethlem Gallery, Corinne’s work is up for view at Park Hill Park as part of Bethlem Artist Collective’s Fungus Press commission ‘Commonality’.

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