Sat 24 March, 1-4pm // Free, 18+ only


Barricade yourself in Whitgift Shopping Centre with Turf for a screening of George A Romero’s shopping mall horror “Dawn of the Dead”.

Preceding the film, view a selection of video clips that have informed the creation of Kitty Clark’s Fungus Press work “Spider’s Web is a Stage for a Play”, including abandoned theme parks, ghost trains and malls.

For the Fungus Press commission Kitty Clark presents “Spiders Web is a Stage for a Play”, a collection of sculptural and text works based around the activity of a haunted house. In the gallery, a series of seemingly familiar objects; a plug socket, roller blind, picture frame and crate, reveal themselves instead as skewed and uncanny interpretations from another place or plane. The texts take the form of a ruined script, spread over several billboard sites across Croydon, that evolve and decay over the duration of the project, with more text added gradually alongside growing mold.




Artists respond to Croydon’s changing public spaces through a series of newly commissioned billboard posters.

Navigating an urban centre can be claustrophobic and confusing experience.

As cities and populations grow, the space for retreat and reflection diminishes; leaving only cramped walkways between home and work. In such places, public space can offer a salve, providing room for gathering thoughts and achieving a critical distance from the flow of power and commerce, shaping the city. In collaboration with Fungus Press we are working to install a series of posters in Croydon, aimed at discussing and celebrating the importance and potential of its public spaces, as antidotes to the sometimes oppressive and perplexing urban experiences. The posters will be text-based and intend to fufill Ian Hamilton Finlay’s description of the conrete poem: as ‘a model of order, even if set in a space which is full of doubt’.

Fungus Press curated by Oscar Gaynor and Alice Cretney

With thanks to Arts Council England, Croydon Council, Sam Cotterell, Oscar Gaynor, Luke Nairn, Godai Sahara, Kitty Clark, Adam Bridgland and Lee Johnson, Phoebe Baines, pea proposals, Marie Jacotey, Esme Toler, Jemma Egan, Jaione Cerrato, Åbäke, Leah Clements, Ed Hill, Alex Brenchley, Bryony Gillard, Emily Pope, An Endless Supply, Harry Meadley, Ben Cain, Emily Speed, Tom & Simon Bloor, Emily MaCartan, Michael Dryden, Joseph Curran, George Chinnery, Barnaby Lee, Paul Myers, Chris Mewies, Alastair McKinlay, Paul Harrison, Jack Kew, Thomas Smith, Andrew Dickinson & Friends of Park Hill Park.

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the letters spelling out funegus using branches
Various Artists
( Sep 2014 )

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