Feedback (2018)

Do I understand what you are trying to do?
What have I presumed you are trying to do?
Did I listen deeply enough? What have you voiced?
What did you conceal? Intentionally or not?

What do you think you are trying to do?
What are you doing?
What do I think you are doing?
What are the unintentional doings?
Let’s talk about confusions.

Am I saying what I would do? Hope not.
Am I in tune with you? Moving towards what you are intending to do?

To wrap my head around,
To wrap my head with,
To wrap my head through.
Attempts to see from my sense of your position.

Attempts to incorporate my thoughts into another’s thought structures
Attempts to incorporate your thoughts into my thought structures

To catalyse
To challenge
To confront
To open
To sensitise
To alert
To inform
To share
To nudge
To tickle
To ward away from
To beckon towards
To activate
To disentangle
To entangle

Feedback that incites the individual giving feedback to change their perspective.
Feedback transformative for all parties in dialogue.

Harun Morrison / They Are Here

Big thanks for Harun Morrison from They Are Here for leading the last Artists’ Lunchtime Feedback session and for this response. 

Our next Artists’ Lunchtime Feedback runs on the 26th of January with Croydon Plays Itself exhibiting artist Harold Offeh.