Paul Civati – Artist Lunchtime Crit

For November’s Crit, Turf kindly invited Lenses of Croydon to lead.

I and other members brought along some work to share. My work primarily focuses on city, streets and cityscapes all across London. We had some interesting discussions on composition, my techniques and the time of day images are shot as light is so important.

As I had brought prints along we also had some discussion on how work is displayed, both in style (colour or black & white) and size of images.

First up from the contributors to the crit was Graham. He showed us prints from his ongoing project photographing the people of Soho, some candid portraits and some posed. The images are planned to form a ‘Soho life’ contribution to a photo book of various photographer’s perspectives of urban London. This book is expected to be published by the Royal Photographic Society in 2017.

You can see the project here:


Next up was Hark who showed us his project photographing Folk Stars Bhangra competition, he explained how he went about shooting the day, the different characters and some background to the performances and costume.

You can see the project here.

When Harold showed us his work we had some more discussion on presentation, where he showed us his web site allowing you to customise the layout of the images.

You can see his site here.

Some great work form Stuart and his trip to New York, with some focus on colour and use of a globe to add in in-camera effects to the resulting images.

You can see his work here.

Mervyn showed us some of his work including a great shot of a yellow cab in the US!

Finally Lgee talked about his night time transport photography, exploring the London bus network and documenting transport, streets and the changing face of London as estates are redeveloped.


Clapton Laundrette



Ruislip Road East, Greenford


Summary written by Paul Civati.