Turf Reading Group: Bodybuilding


Bodybuilding // Sat 16 April, 2-3.30pm // Turf Gallery

£FREE and open to all.

For this reading group we’ll be looking at bodybuilding and its manifestation as a performance / art form.

Join us and discuss the book: Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Douglas Kent Hall; and the short article Object Lessons: Women’s Bodybuilding and Perfomance Art, 1970s-80s by Judith E Stein. What do images of bodybuilders mean to you? As part of the group we will show and discuss images of bodybuilders.

“Are bodybuilders works of art? Are they artists?” (Stein)


Pick up extracts of the texts from the Turf Projects gallery.


For more info please email info@turf-projects.com


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