Sat 28 May, 2-3.30pm // At Turf Gallery // Free – tea & cake provided

Join Turf for our reading group exploring unusual and unexpected themes relating to our current art exhibitions.

As part of Can I help you?, we will be discussing Thom Jones’ short story collection ‘Cold Snap’ – a collection of unusual and entertaining short stories, some of which have appeared in the ‘New Yorker’ magazine. Thom Jones ‘has a wicked appetite for existential calamity and an unflagging humour in its presence’.

Jones brilliantly mixes technical language with slang to take us into the heightened realities of his characters. They live in a world of extremes: of pain, disability and mental ill health. And yet there is always a humanity, a saving seam of humour in them.

A short story from the collection is available as an extract to collect at Turf gallery.

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A showcase on display, mutable fabric sculptures take the main focus whilst an illustration can be seen on the wall with smaller sculptures and plants displayed on plinths, a tower of mugs and other wooden structures are also seen in the foreground
Magnus Ayers, Christine McLoughlin and Right Idea Wrong Machine.
( May 2016 )

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