Can I help you?

Magnus Ayers, Christine McLoughlin and Right Idea Wrong Machine.
May 6, 2016
 to May 28, 2016

Free & open to all

Friday 6 May, 6-9pm

Open Tuesday-Saturday 11:00 – 17:00 or by appointment


Can I help you? represents the first dedicated showcase of Turf Projects’ studio holders and features new work from Magnus Ayers, Christine McLoughlin and Right Idea Wrong Machine. Considering collective and outsider perspectives in the context of consumerism, alienation and bodily ailments, their works emphasise the somewhat fluid relationship dynamics in these situations, whilst addressing the significant power relations also created.


Christine McLoughlin interrogates moments of tension and recovery, characteristically inviting the viewer’s participation and then drawing from their reactions in moments of panic or crisis.


Magnus Ayers utilises computer-generated imagery and recognised motifs of consumer culture in works that enquire into the affectivity of commodity and advertising aesthetics in the past and present.


Right Idea Wrong Machine is an on-going conversation between artists Mark Seiltz and Robert Pratt;

Successful Ideas

Most people don’t know what they need or want, but they can quickly tell you what they don’t like.

 So just asking the question is successful?  

“What do you do?” depending on the audience/person I’m talking to – refocus as you suggested.

When I get asked “what do you do?”, I respond: “What do you need done?” I have found it works beautifully in person.

Remember, it’s as much about HOW I say it as WHAT I say…a little smile, easy body language, and it soon gets followed up with “If I can’t help you, I’m sure I know or can find someone who can.”

                        If I was a punter I think I’d gloss over it.

That matters a lot.

   You make a GREAT point about the tone of HOW…

People like it short and sweet. They don’t have time. 

                                    They just don’t read long things.

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