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Family Art Fun Day: Print, Shout & Stamp About!

Wed 3 Oct 12-2pm (tickets available from 19 Sept)

& Sat 13 Oct 12-2pm (tickets available from 29 Sept)*

Free & open to all at Turf, 46-47 Trinity Court, Whitgift Centre, Croydon CR01UQ

In this artist-led workshop, you’ll learn how to make your mark by making your own stamps. We’ll use them to print big posters that shout about something or someone that you want to get noticed! Then we’ll send them out and spread the word…

This workshop is for children and their families to explore together! All ages & abilities welcome. Make sure to book a free ticket in advance as spaces are limited.

*We run the same workshop twice – once on a Saturday and once during the week. Please only book one of these dates to allow as many families as possible to get involved!

Illustrations by Shadi Atallah

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