a red book with a yellow skull titled "slaughterhouse five"


15 JULY 12-1:30pm // At Turf // Free & open to all with free refreshments


Join us for Turf’s reading group discussing unexpected and unusual texts inspired by our current exhibition.

The book to accompany ‘Last words, so it goes’ will be Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut and ‘Universal Scenarios for Peace’ by Francis Patrick Brady.

‘Slaughterhouse 5’ is a satirical and semi-autobiographical novel covering aspects of WWII (notably the controversial Allied raid on Dresden) and various episodes including time travel and alien abduction. All to the refrain: ‘So it goes’… It is generally recognized as Vonnegut’s most influential and popular work – a post modern masterpiece.

‘Universal Scenarios for Peace’ is a book of questions and instructions which can be used as a participatory game. Pick up your free copy at Turf.

It’s free to join us and take part in the discussions! Free refreshments will also be available.

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Jack Friswell // Sam Austen // Stephen Cornford // Louis Henderson // Sasha Litvintseva // Francis Patrick Brady // Linda Persson // Daniela Zahlner
( Jun 2017 )

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