‘CULTIVATE THAT’ – Artist Feedback Session: Led by John Hyde

A chance to get feedback on your work from a practicing artist in a supportive & friendly environment from local legend John Hyde.

Taking place at the end of each month, our free feedback sessions are a chance to get feedback on your work from a practicing artist in a supportive and friendly environment. All kinds of creative work are welcome.

May’s feedback session will be led by John Hyde.

There are five slots available for showing work, but all are welcome to join in the discussion! Please arrive promptly to ensure your place. Email us your images and any additional requirements at info@turf-projects.com if you’d like us to get images up full scale on our projector.




‘I have always painted; it was only when I got into American 60’s poster and psychedelic art that I started to take my painting seriously. At the same time, I formed a Psych Rock band. While this was going on, I started to make leather clothes and ended up making leather clothes for Rock bands, TV people and strippers. After a while I left the Rock scene and became a mural artist. It was time for a change, so I made music synthesizers and got into 70’s German experimental electronic music. I was still painting at the time. I worked at Beano’s Records in Croydon for a while. I put together a recording studio to record my electronic music and that of other bands – as you can see, I like to work on many projects at the same time. Now and then I make ceramic and plaster skulls. At present I have several projects on the go. Two paintings, recording my own music, soon to be recording parts for my niece and her band’s new single, and video and photographic image manipulation.’ ~ John Hyde

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( Mar 2022 )

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