Artists Symposium: Workout World

Join us for a series of talks exploring gym culture.

Sat 9 April, 11am-2pm // Turf Gallery

£FREE and open to all, lunch provided.


Join us for a series of talks exploring gym culture.

An environment filled with choreography, energy and motivaiton; the gym harbours to fundamental human needs for community, desire and wellbeing. A space somewhere in-between public and private, it provides us with an environment to discuss the relationship we have both to our bodies and to each other.



David Scarborough, Get Fit Curator and Artist
Olivia Domingos, Get Fit Curator and Artist
Amy Pickles, Get Fit Artist
Jess Bryant, Artist
Juan Lorenzo-Lopez, Former Bodybuilder

The symposium will begin with a presentation by Get Fit artists Olivia Domingos, David Scarborough and Amy Pickles. After lunch (provided!), we’ll continue with a discussion of gym & Get Fit culture, joined by artist Jess Bryant and Juan Lorenzo-Lopez, a former bodybuilder.

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a pair of white light-up shoes on a faux fur rug
David John Scarborough | Claire Davies | Joseph Legg | Adham Faramawy | Olivia Domingos | Aoife Mullan | Steven Mills | George Chinnery | Amy Pickles | James Murphy
( Mar 2016 )

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