It’s lockdown week…13 (Artist Feedback Session)

It’s lockdown week…13 (what the?!) and the wonderful people of Turf asked me to lead a virtual chin wag with some wicked artists, and to sum up the session in a blog post for you lovely readers.

I’m a visual person and an avid scribbler so I thought the most fitting way to present the session was to display my notes for you to peruse at your pleasure.


On reflection, this may have not been my best plan. As you can see my note taking turned into a scrambled mess of ink and words that even I can’t work out. What can I say, that’s what 13 weeks of isolation will do to you! I am sure you can relate.

Maybe, just maybe, I was able to embody the chaos that has been the last 3 months in note form. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Anyway, as many of you may struggle to decipher the mess of doodles below, I thought I would run off a quick play by play of the wonderful discussion that went down under each image.

Strap in, here goes!

Introductions, niceties, Drew aka Scheme TP kicks off, irony, satirical age, Rockstar Skinny, musical piece, 80s spooky synth, repetition, discomfort, Casisdead All Colours, M.I.A, mental health, reverb, confidence or lack of, subject of ego, persona, do artists need a persona?…continued on image 4!

Lee Campbell’s film Peer plays, disruption with tech, everyone plays on their own screen, intimacy with the piece, nostalgia, seaside memories, toilet roll tube, childhood, sticky floors and arcades, collecting footage and collecting mementos, darkness, danger, protect the observer, voyeurism, creepy, peepy, kaleidoscope, 50p telescope, control the viewers senses, Steve McQueen Ashes, John Akomfrah Vertigo Sea, the seaside remains, trashy but joyous, pushing rubbish equipment to its limits, play with scale.

Gian Luca presents paintings on instagram, the new gallery, time to look, inspect, what are we drawn to, texture, mashup Picasso & Basquiat, Keith Haring lines, narrative in the chaos, repeated motif, the ego, audience create meaning from dialogue, Tomaso Binga, performative, artist and paintings, new dynamic, develop the idea of installation, a snapshot into his mind, painting chair and floor and walls and stand alone paintings, immersive, applications, development, exhibitions, how can we present work differently? Moving billboards, installations, moving away from white walled stiff gallery?

Scheme TP continued… contemplative thought, rambling, mumble, incoherent sound piece turned song, on the brink, music can feed into painting, Gian Luca painting influenced by music, collaboration? Sylvester Scream Queen, back to the persona, building a character to push the music, does it have to be big? Quiet, performance, match the music, silent musician, song as exhibition, how do you exhibition sound? Can you exhibit only sound? Multisensory, pyramid scheme.

The effects of lockdown on practice, productive, stimulation, repetitive, space and lack of, time to work, same words and sounds and sights influencing work, same route, routine, restriction, can force you to work, can limit you, looking but not seeing, being forced to look, reuse, repurpose.

Thank you to the three brave souls who showed work but also to the 6 participants who threw some great ideas onto the table!

Until next time,

Chez x