Kate Turner & Alex McNamee – Artists Lunchtime Crit

Doggerland – prehistoric landmass between England and Europe – mort log – death log – piece of writing – conservational terms – bodily language / romantic language / belching – contradictory to scientific description – personal importance of objects – making / found objects – is showing just the object enough?

Mirrored drawing – testing your process – the bases of the drawing technique is a personal test – an impossible goal – repetitiveness – self-portraiture and drawing others – looking at forms instead of faces – medical drawings – roles of figurative drawing – in what ways can you test your materials in the way you test your drawing skills?

Writing – poem – observing interactions – behaviour inside institutions – selfie behaviour – public engagement is constantly evolving – two sided print – writing flip to image – not read aloud / tone not set by voice – power of font – font to set a tone – structure – important that it wasn’t judgmental – Louise Bourgeouis would like selfies?

Landscapes – visual sensual memory – same size ties the triptych together – removing the more figurative 1 of the 3 paintings may open it up for interpretation – marble dust / sand – tactile memory – timeline of painting technique – from figurative to abstract – zooming in on a subject – connections in the brain – memory structure – neurons –visual, physical, sensual or biological memory?

Tupperware x2 – props or sculpture – fast object making – the choice of material held traces of her hand – ceramics would be too removed from the making process – connotation of childlike curiosity – adult life style or cultures explored through childish material – objects triggered by action – do they change when you perform with them – objects passed between the hands of viewers, can this be the display method?

Jelly Fish – cushion – learning craft – working with professional upholsters – trend of handmade – the value of craft – our understanding of making is mass production – hunger for the authentic object –handmade is capitalised / eating itself – surface – photographic representation of sculptural form – likening it to opulent shopping centre displays – creating illusions of luxury and glamour – how deep can a deep hole button be?

Summary written by Alex McNamee & Kate Turner