Begoña Fernández Martín

Begoña is a freelance Special Make-up Effects artist, and creature design artist working in the film and TV industry. She is also a cosplayer and goes by the cosplay name Shirak. She has been cosplaying since 2001!
As a cosplayer, she often attends conventions as a cosplay guest, performing panels about SFX and prosthetics. She represented the UK at Japan Expo in Paris during ECG in 2015, portraying Bran Stoker’s Dracula as the solo representative. She has been awarded during several competitions nationally and internationally.
Professionally, she works as a special makeup effects artist, sculptor, and illustrator, as well as a prop maker, for film and TV, and often teaches SFX at universities and other venues.
Her mentors were Neill Gorton, Rod Maxwell (from Face Off tv show), and Tom Hester (Designer of Shreck).
In 2019 Begoña was selected as the Winner of the Ve Neil’s Legends of Makeup Design scholarship (renowned Hollywood makeup artist, encompassing films such as Edward Scissorhands, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Pirate of the Caribbean), Finalist of the KNB EFX Group Legends of Creature Design, and Winner of The Prosthetics Event AS Make-up contest. 
Begoña has worked on several international productions, including Disney, Netflix, Warner Brothers, and the BBC, and on several music videos and independent films across the UK and Europe. 
She has also released the only prosthetics-related book for cosplayers “Special Makeup Effects and Prosthetics: an essentials guide for beginners and cosplayers”, aimed at newcomers and cosplayers interested in special effects, and featuring a diverse range of models and skins tones.

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