I am a bespoke fashion and textile designer who designs and make for my clients. Beside that I run upcycle and creative re-use workshop to enable the community to learn about sustaining their old cloths which can stop the throw away to help our environment. My brand is AmaDodzro. In 2021 I diversified my business into two, designing and making (FashionAdodzro), and facilitating workshops (Transformations).


I have a small studio in Croydon, Turf Project building where I manage my business. The workshops are sewing, pattern cutting, beading, embroidery, knitting and fabric dyeing. My experience throughout my academic and working careers have help me to learn valuable skills which can be applied to any environment, example responsibility, organisational, reliable, time-management and team-working skills. They have aid me to gain confidence, self-control, and self-discipline. I have also been able to become competent in articulation and literacy.


My experiences have taught me patience, sympathy, empathy and understanding Additionally, I find it useful to empower young ones in my area of expertise to improve their life through creativity to develop their well-being and build skills towards their career.

Ama Dodzro @ Turf: