Alice Channer // Artists’ Lunchtime Feedback

Intimate intergalactic interpretative

(reflection as interruption)


‘internet, passion commitment’

cold corporate voice


change in voice

machinic to embodied/intimate



internal dialogue that’s not claustrophobic

finger as: language, feeling

nauman’s clowns are more singular/binary

embraces inauthenticity – YES!

small disembodied arm  


mediated voices

layers of voices/address

who is the author? 

who/what is speaking to who/what?

‘beyond my own subjectivity’


beckett’s use of language

no self

no other

no singular origin

props?, Joan Jonas

didn’t feel confessional; always distanced

skilful layering

format successfully layered video and performance

Billie Whitelaw could only feel her mouth

I do get that sense of my fingers overtaking me


laughter – is it recorded or live? 

what happens when you can’t see the audience?

Welding outfits

fleshies always limited versus CGI

so why actors? 

mirrored heads

Max Headroom

closed fictional format


The Author

60’s/70’s techno-optimism

evening gloves

silver/metallic fabrics

no pain, no emotion, no failure

broken glass of mirrors doesn’t threaten these bodies

Dr Who

Human sacrifice

jolting between different realties

Is the awkwardness intentional?

Across a table, I’m generously handed a roll of geologically hacked sellotape from a Jiffy bag

monumental sculpture, hairy, contracted into a standardised industrial form, unspooling in curves, spilling its multiple decompressing contents on a  h o r i z o n t a l surface

Where are the edges? – it’s

up to the artist to set the limits (they can change) 

Joëlle Tuerlinckx can teach us here

maybe metal would help?

pearlescent pink

nothing ‘natural’ here

leaves of rock

scale collapsed

Pay attention to kinds of time

crushed cornflakes bring right up to the moment, immediacy of care, hunger, need

Nimble movements from loom to rock face, across selves, mediums, multiple demands domestic and artistic

Heavy source material handled so lightly

art anti-gravity

‘Supernatural confidence’


and now, lunch.