At the crit last satdee, there were little moments of conversation about editing, feeling, airport security, and art that goes all out maximalist ; but we want to circle back round to whether or not a piece of art you make is finished. What does that mean, how do you know, n how to continue editing even when u want to stop? I think sometimes, the question of ~is this finished?~ is an irrelevant one; especially when youʼre in a crit. Often, the state of a work being unfinished is a nice swerve for an artist to excuse the workʼs failing on a certain level. Within a crit, I think we should all kinda operate on a level of ‘unfinished or finished, we are talking about this NoWʼ and commit to the state itʼs in. But we also need to acknowledge that sometimes the feedback someone wants/needs is developmental (to finish an artwork), sometimes itʼs affirming/a kind of validation (letting them know if their finished work has been successful/done what it set out to do).

Iʼve even seen artists put work into the world in real life exhi is finished continue to knead their art month after month un that. I bet if we all saw our art as in stasis, there would be a weʼd just generally be more relaxed about our creative outp because we publish every Sunday, our text just has to go o own things n see all the words id change like they are a ras less precious with it all. Like, I believed that thing when I sai think of any other way of articulating, so like

It is what it is.

Also how can anyone ever truly stand by something forever their present self would do it now? I feel like a different pers happens day 2 day that I just ride the wave at this point. I g so mad to me sometimes, reasoning y such and such made locked in by history, immortalised in a really weird academi know enough about what goes on during an art
history deg

I think tbh tbh we all j need to acknowledge that a work is n move on bc we are mentally finished w that thought. I think end point to this blog bc I am also – done -.