Fungus Press Residency: ‘like all waiting seeds’, Derica Shields

April 23, 2021
 to August 25, 2021
At sites around Croydon; Wandle Park & Reeves Corner

Free & open to all


Listen to the audio description of this exhibition below

Wandle Park (south):
ecstasy, scene one

Wandle Park (north):
ecstasy, scene two

Reeves Corner:
a rhythm together

Park Hill Park:
like all waiting seeds

“This residency invited me to spend time in some of Croydon’s open, green, social spaces. When they aren’t being policed, public parks can provide space for emotional discharge. In the past, I’ve found small sheltered thickets where I’ve released a long-held scream, or planted my feet in the grass asking the earth to help me ‘ground’ a powerful emotional or electrical energy. Our constriction, constraint and grief are especially intense right now. Aside from working with herbs, my medicine for this state has been to trace and practice the ecstasy I see/feel in the images, acts of nurture and the projects that I’ve gathered and spent time writing through during this residency. Spring equinox and a book titled Lessons from the Damned gifted me the title for this amorphous collection of ecstatic stills and reflective text: like all waiting seeds.”
– Derica Shields

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Artist-Designed Patch: ‘Fungus Press’, Chris Alton x Rhea Storr


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