Fungus Press Residency: ‘Route Masters’

Michelle Baharier and Anita Wadsworth
April 19, 2024
 to August 21, 2024
@ sites around Croydon: Park Hill Park, Wandle Park & Reeves Corner

Free & open to all

Michelle Baharier takes over the Fungus Press boards with a series of new artworks conveying the experience of differently-abled people’s ability to use public transport. The posters at Reeves Corner conveniently are visible from trams, busses, cars, and pedestrians, bringing directly into question who has access to public transport, who doesn’t, and why.

‘Route Masters’ and the accompanying events are an extension of Michelle’s series of short films ‘The Walkie Talkies’ which track the absurd, the unfortunate and the ordinariness of our bus journeys through the perspective of those who have used and worked on the London buses. A screening of ‘The Walkie Talkies’ to accompany the Fungus Press residency will take place at Turf on the 4th May.

The project will also feature a performance by Anita Wadsworth. Designated Company is a fleeting moment, a public interruption, (possibly) coming to a bus stop near you. The removal of seats from bus stop across Croydon initiates this performance of rest and connection to gently ask questions about the accessibility of waiting and travelling.

Find the posters with our printable map or our google maps route below;

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Join Michelle Baharier, current Fungus Press resident, for a screening of her series of short films 'The Walkie Talkies'.

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