"squidgy world" written in a soft, round. orange font. round, blob shaped faces surround it

Squidgy World: Public Opening

Join us for the public opening of Squidgy World and take part in a workshop led by Queer Croydon!

Magic, joy, humour and play. ‘Squidgy World’ takes concepts of tactility and transforms Turf Projects into a space for resting, playing, and being. Take a break from the day-to-day and explore the unexpected in the shopping centre. Pick up and handle the artworks; engage with objects and ideas virtually and physically. Contrary to the typical gallery experience, in Squidgy World we invite you to both look and touch.


Join us for the public opening of ‘Squidgy World’ and take part in a workshop led by Queer Croydon, who will focus the Queer lens on ‘Squidgy World’!

Claudia Coelho, co founder of Queer Croydon, will be speaking on the importance of taking up space, particularly as LGBT+ minorities and Queer local drag artist and LGBT+ activist Asifa Lahore who performs as ‘Britain’s First Out Muslim Drag Queen’ will give a talk on her one woman show focusing on themes of intersectionality and identity.

Expect a workshop truly focusing on the themes of queer identity and the power of imagination!



Queer Croydon was established in 2022 to amplify queer arts, artists and events in Croydon and wider South London. During Croydon’s tenure as London Borough of Culture 2023, Queer Croydon will be celebrating queer excellence in our borough.


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( May 2023 )

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