two soft sculptures. a small green one is placed inside a larger blue one

Soft Sculpture Workshop – Led by Milktooth

Learn to make small hand-stitched soft sculptures with Milktooth!

We will provide all materials, and you can choose from Milktooth’s designs what you would like to learn to make. You don’t need to have any sewing skills and can opt for gluing instead of stitching. If you have some sewing skills already you can choose from some more challenging designs.

We’re encouraging intergenerational collaboration within all of our workshops as part of current project ‘Squidgy World’. All ages are welcome and we’d especially love for you to spread the word to people aged 65+! You only need to book for one if you would like to bring more than one caregiver.



Yolanda Shields aka Milktooth’s artistic practice is autobiographical and inspired by their experiences of Complex-PSTD. Using watercolour, collage and soft sculptures they explore a self fractured through trauma, and the possibilities of reconstituting an identity by embracing fragmentation.  They are currently involved in making a body of work titled Altars to my Alters.

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visitors sitting on green beanbags in the gallery
Bea and Jill, Dust London, Katherine Smith, Kimberley Cookey-Gam, Yolanda Shields, dot.i, VIA, Ruth Beale & Izzy Duck
( May 2023 )

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