A navy book cover titled "swimming to heaven: the lost rivers of London"

READING GROUP – River Wandle: A Constant Amid Change

‘Swimming to Heaven: The Lost Rivers of London’

Sat Aug 13th, 2-3:30PM // At Turf Projects, Keeley Road, Croydon // £FREE & open to all with free refreshments


Swimming to Heaven: The Lost Rivers of London‘ is a revised transcript of a talk given in 2009 on the theme of London’s lost rivers as underlying narratives and erasures of the city. Sinclair is a celebrated exponent of psychogeography, an approach to geography that emphasises playfulness and drifting around urban environments.

No worries if time is too tight to obtain the book – we will have a general discussion of psychogeography and the themes of the book.

The short text is a poem, The Abbey‘, about the River Wandle by Bill Griffiths (1948-2007). Please print a copy and bring to the group.

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