(Pub)lic House: Last Orders

A final call to give your orders to pub influencers in Croydon.

A final call to give your orders to pub influencers in Croydon.

With snacks and drinks provided, join the filmmakers, participants and local community for an open discussion with pub influencers (landlords, architects, planning consultants and councillors). We’ll chat about the impact of the project, pub closures and consider actions we can take to keep Croydon pubs open. We’ll end with an objection party, where we’ll de-bunk planning applications and give you the tools to have your say on the Croydon Council website.

If you haven’t been involved in the project, please make sure you’ve watched (Pub)lic House beforehand as the chat will mainly centre the ideas in the film. It’s free to watch online here: https://turf-projects.com/project/desire-paths/public-house/

You can also read more about the local community’s hopes, wishes and imaginings for Croydon pubs in the (Pub)lic House Manifesto: http://tiny.cc/pubmanifesto



Pubs across Croydon have been boarded up, abandoned and left to be empty. Phoebe remembers growing up in them. Roger (her Dad) remembers playing music in them since the early 90s. Together they go on a pub crawl across Croydon asking 3 questions: “What happened in these pubs, what are they now and what could they become?”. Compiled through interviews and workshops, see their exploration of the music, stories and sounds that populate(d) these pubs.

‘(Pub)lic House’ is one of the artist projects within Turf Projects’ commission series Desire Paths, as part of This Is Croydon, London Borough of Culture 2023 @croydonculture.

Commissioned by @turfprojects
Venue – @croydonurbanroom
Poet + filmmaker – @phoebesarahwagner / @phoebethepub
Musician + historian – @rogerwagner1950
Sound designer – @harryc.tv
Assistant editor + illustrator – @coracuthbert
Illustrator – @s.negs
interviewee / punter – @almabwagner
Zine workshop facilitator – @zindabadzine



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