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‘Pillow Palace’: Minecraft Workshops – Led by Bea & Jill

An online workshop for autistic Minecrafters aged 13+ to come and build their perfect space, filled with things that make them happy!

Are you autistic? Do you like building in Minecraft?


Pillow Palace is a virtual exhibition space being built in Minecraft, for and by autistic young people.

We’re running looking for Minecrafters aged 13+ to build with us during the Easter holidays, to create their perfect personal space, filled with things that make them happy.


This is an online project: you’ll get a free login for Minecraft Education Edition and access to our project Discord server.

To participate, you need to be 13+ and able to commit to:

  • 1 x orientation session (approx 1.5hrs) on Saturday 1st April @ 2pm
  • 1+ Minecraft build sessions during the week from Monday 3rd – Thursday 6th April (afternoons and evening sessions, up to 3 hrs each, come and leave when you want)
  • There’s an optional review session on Saturday 8th April @ 11am


The finished exhibition will be on public display at Turf Projects’ gallery space in Croydon.


Find out more about Pillow Palace here.


A full tour of each location built as part of the ‘Pillow Palace’ workshops led and facilitated by Bea and Jill Finch and displayed as part of the exhibition.



We’re Bea and Jill, we’re both artists and gamers.

Bea (they/them) is an autistic home educated teenager mostly working in digital and online art. Jill (she/her) is Bea’s mum and carer. She’s into mixed media art, writing, making and mending and she’s a creative facilitator.

We like talking about what it feels like to be autistic, in mind and body, but also in the world. We consider how public spaces are not always accessible to autistic people and how organisations could make events more inclusive.

Most of all we love gaming and so we’re exploring how we can use games as a medium to make art and tell stories.

Part of:

Resolve Collective, Ama Dodzro, Print Collective, Solo Wood Recycling, Fashion Meets Music, Heather Lawrence, Daisy Young, Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds and Rosie Crane Eckmire
( Jan 2023 )

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