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GROUNDWERK 6.1: Creative Strategies for Activists

THU 31 OCT 6-7.30pm // FREE & OPEN TO ALL


Listen to the audio recording of this session below

How can we employ our creative skills to push for social changes we care about? In this workshop, we will explore various activist strategies, with a focus on navigating and countering aggressive immigration policies that divide communities. Led by Rosalie Schweiker and Joon Lynn Goh of Migrants in Culture, we will consider how the hostile environment impacts everyone living within it, and will brainstorm ideas for a toolkit for creatively organising for change.

Groundwerk is a monthly series of free practical workshops for artists and creatives wishing to gain the skills to support their practice.

This workshop is free to attend and open to all but booking is recommended, as spaces are limited. Children of attendees are very welcome to join! Jennifer Martin’s exhibition ‘Channel 6’ will be open until 8pm on the evening.



We are migrant cultural workers.
We organise for justice in the Hostile Environment.
We are a support network and action group that holds the cultural sector accountable to migrants, citizens of colour and all other people being impacted by the immigration regime, in our workplaces and neighbourhoods.
We live, work and pay taxes in the UK, but have no political representation. We work in economically and legally precarious workplaces, where we are invisible or hypervisible. We refuse to be tokens of internationalism or ‘diversity’ without a voice in our sector.
Together we use our skills and resources to change the way the cultural sector operates.
We are migrants in culture.

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