A video of someone covering their face with a metallic red material from both sides

FILM SCREENING: Looking Back Looking Forward

Sat 21 Jan 4-6pm // At Turf Gallery // Free

A selection of contemporary video works that resonate with Ken Jacobs’ 1963 film Little Stabs at Happiness, curated by WAVES artist Luke Burton. Explore idosyncratic uses of performance to camera, playful use of sound and music, humour, a light touch, and a tenderly abject – but beautiful – atmosphere.


Ken Jacobs

Emma Alonze
Louise Ashcroft
Phillip Ewe
Calvin Laing
Sophie Michael & Andrew Munks
Claire Poulter
Stephanie Mann
Dominic Watson

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Someone lays on a greenscreen under a blanket of both a translucent and reflective material
Luke Burton & Abi Freckleton & Anna Salamon & William Pham
( Dec 2016 )

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