illustrations of children playing with a range of blocks to create scenes

FAMILY ART FUN DAY: Remodelling Croydon

Sat 2 July // 12-2pm // At Turf


Remodelling Croydon! Imagine that you could build anything you wanted, anywhere in Croydon – what would it be? Perhaps an open air swimming pool on top of the library? A triple decker skate park? What about speakers blasting music on all of the streets?

In this artist-led workshop, experiment with clay, cardboard, plastic, paper, wood, metal and more to create your very own part of the town. Work with artists to create a model of your design, then set up and photograph your building as part of our miniature future Croydon! Can you tell a story about what happens in your building?

This workshop is completely free to attend and all materials are provided.
Most suitable for ages 5+ but all ages are welcome to have a go.

Illustrations: Alex Brenchley

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the edge of the pavement with black text saying "red dot says you are here"
Curated by Alice Gale-Feeny and Oliver Tirré
( Jun 2016 )

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