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FAMILY ART FUN DAY: Meet Your Online Avatar


Eventbrite - FAMILY ART FUN DAY // Meet Your Online Avatar

Tickets will be released via eventbrite on 25 June


An avatar is a character that represents you in a game or online. An avatar doesn’t have to look like you – it could be anything or anyone you like!

Work with artists to sculpt and colour your own avatar – what will their name be? What’s their personality like? Do they wear a costume or a disguise?

Once you’ve made your model, we’ll create an online version of your character that you can share with your friends and family.

This workshop is completely free to attend and all materials are provided. Most suitable for ages 5+ but all ages are welcome to have a go.

Spaces in our workshops are limited and in high demand, so make sure to book a free ticket in advance. Our tickets are booked per child with accompanying adult included.


Illustrations by Bambi Goodman

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