Curated by Oscar Gaynor, Alex Brenchley and Alice Cretney
June 2, 2016
 to June 2, 2016

Free & open to all

WENDLESWURTH II // Thursday 2 June, 7-9pm at Turf


Turf presents WENDLESWURTH II, a free night of artist films spanning the early twentieth century to the present and from nature filmmaking to radical animation.

WENDLESWURTH II coincides with the installation of the first set of posters at our new site in Reeves Corner, Croydon, as part of our ongoing series of artist-designed posters in collaboration with Fungus Press. These posters aim to celebrate the importance and potential of Croydon’s public spaces: to provide a salve to the sometimes oppressive and perplexing urban experience, and to encourage stopping to take a breath. As text-based works, each hopes to respond to Ian Hamilton Finlay’s description of the concrete poem: as ‘a model of order, even if set in a space which is full of doubt.’

Inspired by Alex Brenchley’s new comissions and the vernacular of cartoons, the film programme encompasses forms of mercurial, numinous transformation within both drawn animation as well as the seething morass, documented in films depicting the natural world.


Curated by Oscar Gaynor, Alex Brenchley and Alice Cretney


// Mary Field & F. Percy Smith – Magic Myxies

// Sophie Littman – Jellyfish

// Luke Fowler – Bogman Palmjaguar

// Sean Mullan – The Thing is That

// Len Lye – Tusalava

// Peter Millard – Boogodobiegodongo

// Gerald McBoing-Boing (from the original cartoon series)

// Victoria Grenier – Flyby

// Norman McLaren – Love on the Wing

// Jack Wormell – A Roost For Every Bird

// Ben Rivers – Origin of the Species

a group of people watching a projected movie