Strange Loop

Karanjit Panesar
March 22, 2019
 to May 4, 2019

Free & open to all

A solo exhibition by Karanjit Panesar

Opening night 21 March 5-9pm

Open Wed-Sat 11-5pm & until 8pm on Thursdays // Free & open to all


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Forged Egyptian figurines, a Saxon cremation urn that has been pieced back together at an uncertain time, and an album of watercolours of British plant families – artist unknown.

Once in a museum, everything we know – and don’t know – about these things is cemented into place.

The strange loop paradox is found in stories of time travel and simulated reality. There is uncertainty about what comes first and what follows – what is above and what is below. Following the path leads you back to where you started.

The starting point for Strange Loop has been a response to objects from the Museum of Croydon‘s collection. I was immediately drawn to some of the older objects in the collection. Due to their age, these artefacts conjure a sense of truth: we believe in and trust them. Who can argue with something ancient? I was interested in objects with ambiguous histories, or gaps in our understanding of them.

The exhibition’s focus point is a moving image work set between the store-room at the Museum and the artist’s studio in Leeds. The film is presented within an installation influenced by the layout of the Museum of Croydon, where visitors are encouraged to travel through in a loop.

Strange Loop is an attempt to overlap the different lives of the sculptural object, the prop, and the historical artefact. The exhibition builds on my interest in intersecting the spaces of production and presentation. The dialogue between content and its container, which can seen in the idea of the ‘behind-the-scenes’.

How is knowledge processed when given in the authoritative space of the museum compared to in an art gallery, or in film? Does the way in which we receive information impact our understanding of something?

The exhibition features two paintings loaned from the Museum of Croydon’s art collection – ‘An Egyptian’ by Franz Xavier Kosler, an Austrian ‘Orientalist’ painter; and ‘The Rehearsal’ by Edmund Blair Leighton, an English historical genre painter.

– Karanjit Panesar


The exhibition and events were made possible with the generous support of the Museum of Croydon, Arts Council England & Croydon Council.

shelving unit, 3D scan markers, speakers, unfired stoneware clay, bisque fired ceramic, workshop clamps, tissue paper, pH neutral gravel, cardboard boxes, chilli pepper, hessian, nitrile gloves, packing materials


Karanjit Panesar b. 1992, lives and works in Leeds. Recent presentations of work include ‘THE WAY THINGS ARE’ [solo], arebyte Gallery, London (2018); ‘Gloopiness is slippery but not like an ocean’ [solo], Arnolfini, Bristol (2017); ‘eeeeeeeee’ [with lewdjaw], CBS Gallery, Liverpool (2017); ‘Allen Road Sculpture Park’, Artlicks Weekend, London (2017); ‘East Midlands Today’, 2 Queens, Leicester (2017); ‘NAWKI’, with 12o Collective, nationwide (2017). Panesar is co-founder and director of east bristol contemporary, an artist-run initiative that counteracts the lack of showing spaces for emerging artists in Bristol and seeks to establish a unique and diverse programme of exhibitions and events.
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