Nature still draws a crowd

Christine McLoughlin, Magnus Ayers, Noe Golomb & Right Idea Wrong Machine.
March 30, 2017
 to April 5, 2017

Free & open to all


“Somewhere in the shopping precinct of the future, the Whitgift Centre, there is a little piece of landscaping…. A few rocks and some turf.

Are they a totem to some past god?”


PARTY  //  Fri 31 Mar, 5-9pm // With free food & drink, and performances by Right Idea Wrong Machine

FAMILY ART FUN DAY // Sat 1 Apr, 12-2pm

THE MOTION FOCUS GROUP // Wed 5 Apr, 3-4pm // With Magnus Ayers

FINAL HAPPENING // Wed 5 Apr 4-6pm



A gallery takeover by Turf Projects studio holders. With work and performances by Christine McLoughlin, Magnus Ayers, Noe Golomb & Right Idea Wrong Machine.



Right Idea Wrong Machine territory will be furnished with the equipment required to support live Happenings. The first gathering will be held on Friday 31 March, 6 – 9pm when RIWM will play live sound/music whilst simultaneously cooking a meal for everyone present. A final Happening will take place on Wednesday 5 April, 4-6pm to close the show.


Christine McLoughlin will use the space for a process based performance which the audience is invited to engage with.  Previously, she made works that used the height of the Turf space and expressed the vulnerability and struggle of health and heart. For this performance, Christine will be developing a narrative about strength, control, failure and success, exploring how we express our sense of achievement and how it relates to failure.  Christine wishes to visually record each person’s uniqueness and the originality of the encounter with them, inspired by Marina Abramovich’s ‘The artist is present.’, creating an experience for all of the audience to be a part of. There are to be remnants of the encounters which develop the emotional narrative.


Magnus Ayers presents THE MOTION FOCUS GROUP – join us to take part in a focus group (small discussion group) about the future of the automobile. The focus group should last no longer than one and a half hours. The focus group will provide an opportunity for you to find out about Private and Public modes of transport. In particular, we would like to know your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Christine McLoughlin

Christine is an installation artist whose work involves poetry, sculpture and video. Her primary intention is to engage the audience personally. Since graduating from Sculpture and Environmental Art, Glasgow School of Art, 2009, she has been making artwork and coordinating exhibitions. Christine’s participation artworks engage the audience in a personal narrative. My practice unites art mediums to create a narrative and sensory experience. Inspired by Lygia Clark, Susan Hiller and Ceal Floyer, the work has a feminine and intimate aesthetic. Currently, Christine is developing a new body of work about coping with life on the edge, being in a delusional relationship, the potential for an epileptic fit, and the different feeling these each give to time and space. Core terror in each moment, feeling blissful and tense, appreciating each moment but experiencing a constant state of tension; these experiences can cause us to use space and time differently. She also creates drawings and photographs which capture the ephemeral, intimate and fragile. Christine has coordinated exhibitions that support local and emerging artists. Recently, she has been working with Croydon Community Against Trafficking (CCAT) to raise awareness of Anti-Slavery Day.  CCAT are working towards an exhibition plus coinciding events for October 2016 and are seeking artists who would like to be involved.   Christine McLoughlin (b. Newcastle), graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2009, coordinated exhibitions at The Here Gallery, Bristol (2010-2011), and is now living and working in Croydon.      

Magnus Ayers

In 2014 Magnus Ayers Graduated from Goldsmiths BFA Fine Art with a 1st. He has participated in many, exhibitions, screenings and events across London. From 2015 he held a studio at Turf Projects in Croydon, Where he exhibited and lead studio critiques. In 2017 he was selected for a residency at Outpost Studios in Norwich, which culminated in a solo presentation. Magnus is currently studying for an MFA in Fine Art at the Slade. @magnusayers        

Noe Golomb

Noe golomb is a multidisciplinary designer, whose work combines conceptual thinking, iconography and illustration and draws from intuition and experience as well as humor. His Design approach attempts to find simple graphic solutions based on adaptable systems, applicable to any size briefs: from the very small to the full branding experience and 3D work.

Born and lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, until the age of 19, when he moved to New York City to attend Parsons School of Design. After obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design and while working freelance extensively, studied at The French Culinary Institute. In 2001, applied and was accepted to The Architectural Association (RIBA PART 2). While living in London, invented a tea company with high school friends, briefly had an ice cream factory in Battersea, studied horticulture at the English Gardening School and worked in a bronze foundry for three years in South East London. Currently, he is typing this text in his Croydon office.

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